Primadonna Girl's Night Out Party

Saturday, December 17, 2011

(Sheer Dress: courtesy of Nude Clothing // Skirt: Streetbeat Boutique // Necklace & Cuffs: Ruckus // Pumps: courtesy of Primadonna)

About 3 weeks ago, I was invited by local shoe brand Primadonna to attend the launch party for their new celebrity endorser, Anne Curtis. For the event, I channeled a Lady Rebel look with a delicate sheer chiffon dress, paired with my Primadonna snakeskin pumps.

Read on to find out what happened during the event and what inspired this look...

I, along with 11 other fashion bloggers, were given the task to style a few models, incorporating shoes from the brand's latest collection (thank you so much to Primadonna's Denise Reyes for this wonderful opportunity!). We were divided into groups of 3 and my group (comprised of yours truly, Tin and Sarah) was assigned the theme, Lady Rebel. We tried to capture the look of a Lady Rebel with edgy pieces but styled in a way that still had a bit of girlish whimsy in it (thank you to Paradigm Shift for lending us the draped dress, by the way).

Some backstage shots:

Lusting over these shoes. I want those beige lace up booties!

Party snaps:

Congratulations to Primadonna for a successful, well-attended launch event. Anne Curtis was definitely a great choice for an endorser. And I adore the styles in the new collection! Will surely get myself another pair.

As for you, my readers, I suggest you head on to the Primadonna website to view the latest collection. Go crazy with the new styles!


  1. Happy dance I totally just found your blog! So lucky for me, I for sure will be a new follower to come back for more greatness xoxo.

  2. your accessories are killing me!!! jealoussss :( Looking pretty as always Kookie! :)

    Your styling is perfection for "Lady Rebel"!
    Primadonna shoes looks amazing :)

    xx à la mode

  4. @ Girlie & Charlotte: Thanks, girls!

    @ Amanda: Hahaha! Awww, thanks dear! This comment made my day. :)

    @ Gillian: Hahahaha! You can purchase them from Ruckus!

    @ Denise: Anne is my girl crush too and she's so pretty in person. Wish my skin can be as flawless as hers. Hahaha!

  5. geogeous collection
    hope you enjoyed it :D

  6. omy gulay i like how u styled the parashifdt dress.... grabe!! it blended well with the primadonna shoes na ni-choose mo .mwah

  7. wow i didn't recognize you at first glance! i love everything kookie!


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