Automaton. Shoes in Motion.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gold Dot entices us with yet another showstopper of a collection. Feast thy eyes on Automaton, a futuristic collection inspired by Tranformers and everything of the machinery sort. And to say that the editorial is amazing is an understatement. Kudos to the creative team (comprised of FFT friends, Edrick/Mike/Karl/Thysz) and Ally Duazo for this panty-peeing visual. 

View the collection in detail here:


  1. So. Fierce. I love them ALL. Gah!

  2. Philippines is stepping up their game in shoes and fashion!
    Filipino designers are so talented!

    xx à la mode

  3. Love this! And you took the words right out of my mouth....this editorial is just absolutely "panty-peeing."

    Love it!

    chloe **


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