EVENTS: Diva Blogger's Camp

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tried to condense the highlights of the Diva Blogger's Camp through this photo diary. More photos after the jump...

I definitely had a tremendous amount of fun at the Diva Blogger's Camp. I can say that it's one of the best blogger events I've ever attended. There were no ostentatious presentations, flashy lights and an open bar...just an intimate gathering of individuals with a common passion, who enjoy learning from each other and who are crazy enough to laugh their arses off. As I've said in my post HERE, it was wonderful exchanging stories with old friends and chatting up with new ones at the event (shout outs to my little sisters, Trisha and Jamie!). Of course, the Diva Blogger's Camp won't be complete without the ladies getting a preview of Love Diva's amazing (amazing, I tell you!) collection of accessories. Each blogger was given the chance to pick a piece (or two) of their favorite baubles from the store.

Thank you so much to Love Diva Philippines for this wonderful opportunity and experience. I'll definitely be dropping by every so often at the store to get my accessories fix (I'm already eyeing those gold choker necklaces! Boo yah!).

Visit Love DIVA store at Alabang Town Center (it's just across Accessorize)
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  1. Love your talk, kookie!:) I am still very much starstrucked how humble you are despite how big you are already :)

  2. @ Ava: Thanks so much, Ava! That means so much, coming from you. I the end of the day, we're just regular individuals even without the "blogger" title. There really is no reason to be an airhead even with the blogger features and credentials. :)

  3. Wish I was there! would love to listen to your talk about blogging. You were one of my inspiration why I started :)


  4. @ Kaye: Oh wow. Hindi ko alam yun ah! Haha! Thanks, Kaye! I'm glad to have inspired you. :)

  5. ay I hate myself for missing out on this. =( Hope to see you soon!

  6. Great pics! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca

  7. Miss kookie, I hate it I missed this event. Huhu. The pictures spell FUN!

  8. you have tons of photos on my came that day!haha ill tag you in fb.:)

  9. Nakakamiss umevent!! And most of all, nakakamiss KAYO! ♥


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