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Sunday, October 2, 2011



Zula in Black and Nude

 Some fun and playful shoes from Shoe Etiquette's latest collection. I am loving the 70's vibe from Marcela. It would look perfect with wide legs jeans and a sexy button down shirt.

And now moving to some new shoes from one of our favorite local shoe brands...

Dolly Pumps

Dani Platforms

Gold Dot has been constantly stepping up their game in coming up with great shoes designs with the most amazing details and structures. They have ventured into special, bespoke designs as well...some of which are open for pre-order, just like this design:

FFT Creeper

The FFT Creepers, named after our group. I am loving the fur, the large buckle and the almost tire rubber-looking platforms.


  1. I adore all GD shoes, can't find the words to describe 'em

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  2. Really loving the Dolly Pumps!!! Just bookmarked the site and added a few to my internal want list!!!

  3. Gah. I love that last one. Must. Have.

  4. GD's shoes are KILLER shoes.


  5. oh my, never realized those creepers were fur. nice! :)


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