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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gah! My Dolce Vita "Wilix" boots are here! 

I mentioned in a previous POST that I'm quite obsessed with low-heeled ankle I'm beyond ecstatic to finally get my hands on this pair of Wilix boots. It's everything I expected it to be. It's pretty bad ass and sturdy and will go perfectly well with my muscle shirts and denim shorts. Aside from the boots, I also got myself a pair of chunky peeptoe platforms. They remind me of the shoes from Prada and Steve Madden. Ordered these shoes, plus a pair of Jeffrey Campbell "Busted" (yay for platform creepers!) from Feet For A Queen.

On a slightly different note (but still related to shopping), I've been constantly seeing various local replicas of Cambridge Satchels. While doing a bit of Search-And-Shop, I stumbled upon a fluorescent yellow Cambridge replica via The Bag Finder PH. Fluoro Yellow! Holy cow! This is my first time seeing a locally-made fluoro satchel and it looks yummy! I had an authentic Cambridge fluoro yellow 11" satchel pre-ordered from a local shoe shop about four months ago (which is equivalent to a decade of waiting, if you ask me) but until now, THAT bag is still MIA. Makes me want to get this replica from Honeybadger Satchels instead! Damn!

Oh well...


  1. Woa! Amazing shoes!

    Fashion Blogger

  2. How long is it supposed to take for the bag to arrive? Mmmm... that bag does look yummy! How eye-catching! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  3. Thanks, Kaye and Kym!

    @ Megan: I think the bag is already on-hand so it should be shipped out pretty fast. :)

  4. So excited there's a cambridge satchel replica.

  5. i LOVE those boots! been quite obsessed with flat ankle boots myself, as usually i'm in ankle breaking platforms. those heels are great too, really cute. and i adore that neon yellow, so bright!

    Beneath the Glass

  6. The Dolce Vita boots are great and I tried a pair on last December and now they're on sale, I want to get my hands on a pair. I can't remember the sizing, but I vaguely remember trying on a US9 and they were a size too big. What is the sizing like for your pair?

  7. @ Sophie: The sizes for the Wilix do run big so I suggest you can a size down.


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