Friday, October 14, 2011

You guys may not know this but I love collecting bikinis, particularly bandeau-type ones with detachable straps (that I can wear while surfing). I don't like wearing triangles as much because it leaves a nasty tan line on the upper body. I'm not into lounge-type bikini designs as well (i.e. maillots and bandage bikinis) because I don't like "lounging" on the beach or in the pool...I always want to be active (like run around or swim). 

I want to thank Cocomo for sending me this cute bandeau bikini top with a semi-boyleg bottom (I love the rivets and the tie-up waistband design) and a pair of slouchy drawstring beach pants. It's time to replace my old ratty Thai beach pants with this white pair! 

Go get your beachwear fix at COCOMO CLOTHING.


  1. I'm also into this kind of bikinis :)

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  2. this is really cute :) you are a beach person and i'm sure this would be a perfect addition to your collection!:D

  3. dear, what lovely blog! i have seen your comment on chictopia! thank uu! follow each other? :)

    xx, Rachel.

  4. THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU. I don't know a lot of bloggers who love to surf as much as I do! Also, love bandeau bikinis and never ever will you see me in the beach with make-up on or lounging for hours. Active is the new lounge.

  5. Oo nga, same here, I hate tan lines showing din. Siguro you have sooo many swimsuits na, Kookie! Can't wait to see you wear these. :) I bet you're itching to go to the beach na noh! Hehe :) have a great week! :)

  6. ooooh I love Cocomo :) especially their lounge wear and bikinis :)

  7. I do like bandeau-type bikinis better than triangles as well! I'm also not the "lounging" type of person. This is a really cute pair!

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
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  8. @ Kaye and Claira: Thanks, girls!

    @ Ava: Yes, yes! You know how much I love the beach!

    @ KD: Hahaha! Korek! The waves in La Union two weeks were pretty harsh! Hindi ako nakatayo! Kaya nag body surfing na lang akei. Hahahaha!

    @ Terry: I have yet to try them on! :)

    @ Megann: All active beach-goers, unite! Hahaha!

  9. @ Noelle: Di ba??? By the way, I just got back from the beach two weeks ago! Kaka miss!


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