Favorite Time Of The Year

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SM Southmall is having another 3-day sale this coming Friday until Sunday! Enjoy up to 70% off on items from your favorite stores. I'll definitely drop by over the weekend. The items I'm eyeing might just be on sale! *crosses fingers*

See you at SM Southmall!


  1. Ah, SM Southmall! Too bad di ako makakauwi this weekend there; I wanna see you in person pa naman! Enjoy na lang (sa sem break promiseee haha) and hope you post your haul! :)

  2. I love the fact that you're from the SOUTH!!!! Hahahaha. I don't hear that much from the south kasi. :) Yay for you and me! :))

  3. @ Number Two Lover: Hope to bump into you one of these days. Just say "HI" when you see me. :)

    @ IAMSUPERCARLA: Glad to know you're from the South too! Yay indeed. :)

  4. my eyes were just popping everytime I see signs in southmall with 50-70% off! Just scoured heels 2 days ago from So Fab for 300 each!

    oh how we love sales <3

    hope to see you there this weekend too ;)


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