Itching For New Ink

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's been almost six months since I got my last tattoo...and after 2 years, 4 body parts and 4 inks, I'm ready to get another one. I know it sounds crazy, but getting inked can be quite addictive. For my fifth ink, I'm planning to get it done on a body part that can be concealed from the searing eyes of the parentals (haha!). And just for fun, I think it would be nice to try out a new shop and a new artist this time. 

So while I was 'googling' for new tattoo designs and new local shops to try, I stumbled upon Republic Tattoo. After a quick browse through the shop's portfolio, I'm convinced that Republic Tattoo is the next tattoo shop to try. Just look at the detail, colors and line work on these tattoos:

Damn, that celestial mermaid work (in the last photo) is a killer! Really amazing works, I must say.

I'm definitely trying out Republic Tattoo soon. I'm excited to hear the buzz of the machine and to feel the tiny needles pricking my skin again. Ah, that's ink euphoria for you.

I'll keep you guys posted on when I plan to get my next ink!

P.S. If you're interested to check out Republic Tattoo as well, you can get all the deets from here:

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