Banana Island

Sunday, July 24, 2011

(Swimwear: Cole Vintage // Hat: from Bangkok)
These photos were taken on our 3rd day in Palawan. We spent the whole day in Banana Island -- a beautiful, secluded island with pristine blue green water and white, powdery sand. The water in the island is so clear that you if you just tilt your head down, you can already see a school of fishes. My friends and I spent our time lounging around, snorkeling, having a mini photo shoot beside gorgeous rock formations (haha!), playing frisbee and getting sunburnt without a care. We also saw the sun set down on our way back to the city. Mother Nature has such wonderful tricks up her sleeve to leave your jaw agape at her beauty.

See photos from Day 2 HERE.

P.S. Thank you so much to Cole Vintage for the lovely swimwear I wore in this post. I just love the 50's vibe of the bikini.Ladies, I definitely suggest that you check out the Cole Vintage shops (they have one in Ramp, Glorietta). The bikinis are just Php 899 (if I'm not mistaken) a pair!


  1. Love your curves, Ms. Kookie!! :)


  2. Wow, these pictures are beautiful! Both you and the scenery. Fab bikini!

  3. Wow Kookie, that island is so gorgeous! I can honestly say I've never seen such clear blue water. It looks like you had a wonderful time, and your swimwear is beautiful! Love the hat, too :)


  4. magnificent shots! your photos did justice to the beauty of the island! i miss this laid back island and the great ihaw the locals serve!

    the fugees! haven't heard them in a looong time...♥

  5. beautiful island!! and I love the sunset photos!

  6. Great photos Kookie! And I love your swimsuit! :)


  7. sexy mo kookie! :) super like the first photo!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. Hi Kookie I pmed you on facebook coz I was so jealous of ur pics and I wanted to know what lens you are using. Thank you so much for ur reply!!!

    I really adore ur pictures.
    You look so beautiful Kookie


  9. AHH, these photos are gorgeous. I am so jealous, I want to be there!! xo

  10. damn you look great. The photos are beautiful. What's your camera? and what's the lens used. Thanks

  11. Tes photos sont magnifiques

  12. Oh my gosh these pictures are STUNNING


  13. @ Ontheracks: You should visit the Philippines, love!

    @Yna @ ANON: I use a Nikon D3000 with 35mm and 55-200mm lenses. :)

  14. @ Arnie: Oh wow, thanks naman. Haha. :)

    @ Candy: I'm glad you noticed the Fugee sounds. I'm in an old school phase right now. Anything Fugess and Notorious BIG is all good for me. :)

  15. Ang hot mo babe! And the photos are spectacular. <3

  16. Gosh...why am I cooped up in the office after seeing these photos. You and your photos look AMAZING! You never fail to impress with each post! :)


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