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Sunday, June 5, 2011

 The super cool Eden.
 Melai, this was supposed to be a candid shot! Haha!
Love that sheer black sheath, Yves!
Eden & Yves..."fierce" lang!

Finally got to meet two of Cebu's stylish young guns, Eden of Chic In The Tropics and designer Yves Camingue, last Friday night.Too bad I had to dash out already when they finally arrived at our rendezvous, Bonifacio High Street. I'm pretty sure it would've been fun and interesting spending Friday night with these two. :)

P.S. Sorry for the grainy photos. My camera wouldn't function properly under low light. :?


  1. those two are so in-sync! cant get over the fierceness ^^

  2. nice pics, looks like a good hook up!

  3. this is cool, i hope we can all meet them too~

  4. the bloggers community here in PI is just awesome. hope to meet some in the future myself. :)

  5. Everyone looks grt..hpe u al hd fun:-)
    love ur style..ur just amazing:-)
    much love,

  6. babes, i actually thought you purposefully processed the pics to look like that. mad love for the processing! and yes, sayang you left early--but fret no more, i will be back with a vengeance!


  7. very colorful pictures just like the personalities of the subjects :)


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