In Mochi Heaven

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ever since got a taste of Sophie's Mom's sweet treats during the Bloggers United Bazaar, I couldn't stop thinking about them. I would literally daydream about sinking my teeth onto a delicious ball of Strawberries & Cream mochi ice cream and a luscious mochi truffle. So two weeks ago, I finally caved in to my craving and ordered boxes of Nutella truffle mochi and mochi ice cream (in different flavors)!

 Aaah...just look at these delicate mochi truffles. They're covered with cocoa powder and have a Nutella filling. Too sinful!
And of course, the reason for my endless hunger pangs...super yummy mochi ice cream! They come in different flavors such as Strawberries & Cream, Frozen Brazo, Chocolate Valrhona, Lemon Meringue, Cookie Dough and Vanilla.
My favorite mochi ice cream flavor? Strawberries & Cream. Hands down.

I've already tried the mochi ice cream from F.I.C. but it doesn't compare to the ones from Sophie's Mom. The mochi in FIC is just too thin (almost crepe-like) while the mochi of Sophie's Mom is really gummy, just the way I like it! Oh man, just looking at these photos makes me crave for mochi ice cream again! I can't wait for my next order. :)

You can order these sinful treats at:

You can also catch Sophie's Mom at the Shoe In Love bazaar on June 25 & 26. They will be releasing three new mochi ice cream flavors: Rocky Road, Banoffee and Red Velvet & Cream Cheese. You shouldn't dare miss these!


  1. fotek kagutooom! :D hahaha! :PPP

  2. HAHAHAHA! Di ba??? Ako din, nagugutom ulit!

  3. mannnnn!! me want chocolate mochi, please!!

  4. MOCHI!!
    I never seen those flavors before, they look and sound so yummy (:

    I have mango flavor currently in my fridge ^ ^

  5. I love chocolate flavor mochi ice cream too.. Hope to see you guys again on the 25th! hihihi...

    my new blog:


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