Busy Friday @ The Bloggers United Bazaar

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Joining the first-ever Bloggers United Bazaar (BUB) is probably one of the most memorable experiences I've had as a blogger. It was such an honor to be part of this event and it was a very humbling experience to meet those lovely readers who consider me as an inspiration (No guys, you inspire me. Really). Let me take you through my amazing BUB experience through these photos, compiled from different bloggers (who were smart enough to bring their cameras...haha!).

I was one of the early birds at the bazaar venue. I arrived at Malayan Plaza Hotel at 8:30am to set-up our booth.

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 I shared a booth with my FFT friends: Paul Jatayna of OS, JP Singson of Unisex by JP Singson and Karl Leuterio & Mike Magallanes of Paradigm Shift.

Up for sale in our booth were some badass jewelry from Unisex by JP Singson, OS bone necklaces and shoes and clothing pieces from my closet and Mike & Karl's closets as well.

Some of the shoppers who were checking out my items. By the time the bazaar ended, almost all of my clothes were sold! *Jumps for joy!*

Sweet Jo. She purchased a pair of shoes from me. Doesn't she look like Angel Locsin? :)
 With blog readers and fellow bloggers, Nicole & Camille (photos c/o Nicole).
 Chatting with a shopper/reader (photo c/o Cathleen)
With Cathleen, a reader who has the same name as mine (only hers starts with a "C" and mine starts with a "K"). Yes folks, my real name is Kathleen.
With cute Lauren, a fellow Chictopian.
We were already starving by 12 noon but we couldn't leave our booth to get lunch because of the influx of shoppers left and right. Thank goodness for the sweet treats from Sonja's Cupcakes and Sophie's Mom. Speaking of Sophie's Mom, you should try their ice cream mochi and chocolate truffle mochi. They're just too delish!

During downtime, me and the guys would chat with our neighbor bloggers and goof around. Had fun at the Close Up photo booth. Thank you, Close Up, for the one-year supply of Close Up White Now! Haha!

 Posing with some of the BUB bloggers...

Some of the members of FFT who dropped by the bazaar. I love you guys! Thank you for the tea, Thysz!

The Bloggers United Bazaar was definitely a huge success. Now, almost everyone is clamoring for Part 2. I hope to be part of the 2nd BUB once again. Thank you once again to the readers, friends and shoppers who took time to visit us. It was nice meeting and chatting with you all! For the 2nd BUB, I hope our blogger friends from Visayas and Mindanao could also join. 

Before I end this post, I would like to raise my hands (and platforms) to three of the most amazing ladies I know who made the first ever Bloggers United Bazaar possible: Melai Entuna, Pax Ipac and Ana Gonzales. You guys rule in my book! Thank you also to the whole BUB team for the sweat, effort and hard work you've put into making the first BUB such a great hit. Thank you also to all of the wonderful sponsors who shared the BUB experience with us. Till the next Bloggers United Bazaar!


  1. i love all the photos!! It's so nice to see all of you in one big event! Really hoping and wishing for another one haha :)

  2. all those people look so fab! hope you had a great day!

  3. yay!love the photos!nice seeing you Kookie :) i want a part two of BU!:)

  4. Boo me, hindi man lang ako nakapunta. I was so ready that day, suddenly the boyf got sick so we just stayed home, weird! hehe Gosh, looking at the photos, very successful ang Bloggers Bazaar!! Congrats guys! I knew it, simot ang paninda mo, hehe! :)

    Love that maxi dress on you, Kookie!! :)

  5. I really really do hope that bloggers from Visayas and Mindanao(where i'm based) can also join the BUB part II soon.... :)

    Congratulations for the Successful part I of BUB!! Kudos the all! :)


  6. Oh jealous- this looks like so much fun! Hopefully there will be a few more HK bloggers so we can do this too!


  7. Heard about the huge turnout! We've been meaning to do something like this in Cebu. I just wish everyone else has more time to convene! Hahaha. Hopefully after hearing about your event will give them a push :)


  8. T'was so nice meeting you Kookie!!! You're so nice and pretty=)

    >So love that Aldo shoes that you were selling.. too bad we don't have the same size:(

    I have a photo of us that you might want to check out


    See you again!!!


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