Candie's on Ice

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watched three shows on Day 6 of Philippine Fashion Week and one of them was Candie's On Ice. The show was literally set-up on ice (on a skating rink to be exact ) and I think the whole concept of a "fashion show on ice" was quite a fun and novel one. I was actually wonderfully surprised on how the show turned out. I was expecting a somehow nauseatingly saccharine fashion presentation with bubbly girls walking down the ramp in too-cute-for-school ensembles...but I was wrong. The styling was undoubtedly good and well-executed. Let me take you through the show via these photos.

I love cotton candy! (photo c/o Paul)
Ice sculptures strategically placed on set
Watched the show with fellow bloggers: Karl, Paul, Ericke & Aie
Dancers opened the show...
...and bloggers walked the runway.

I want those headpieces!
Ladies in leopard print unite! (l-r: Camille, Kryz and Laureen)

I definitely enjoyed the Candie's show. Kudos to the styling team!


  1. Great photos kookie! Love your dress btw :)


  2. Looks like a really cool show!! I wish they were selling the head pieces too...they were amazing!!


    NaughtyBaubles on Etsy

  3. Kookie! Thanks for watching!!! You saw me fall pa hahahha! See you next Friday! <3

  4. @ Thirstythought: Actually, I didn't see your actual fall. it was too fast! When I saw you, you were recovering already. haha.

  5. it feels like a VS fashion show!

  6. Nice show! Love the bubble effects and the cotton candies! Yummy!!!


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