A Package from Italy...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Large Cross Necklace, Gold & Silver Bar Rings, Lightning Ring
Gold Lightning Bolt Ear Cuff
Large Lightning Bolt & Cross Earrings

I received a package from Gwaan Wicked Stuff accessories a few weeks ago and I can't be more ecstatic. I was expecting only two items to be sent my way but I got a whole loot of accessories instead! The only word I can think of to best describe these accessories is DOPE! Well, make that two words...MAJOR DOPE!

Gwaan Wicked Stuff is an accessory line based in Italy but they do offer international shipping. So to all my readers here in the Philippines and from all over the globe, I suggest you get yourself one of these super fresh accessories.

You may order them via:


  1. These pieces are so YOU, Kookie! Can't wait to see you wear that lightning bold ear cuff! MAJOR DOPE indeed :)


  2. So cool. I loooove the ear cuff!



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