A Warning To All My Fellow Bloggers

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, everyone. This post is quite a serious one.

It has come to my attention that someone has been using my name (and has been linking my blog) to leave rude and nasty remarks on other people's blogs.

One such example is this comment on mommyfleur.blogspot.com:

The comment says: "How arte can you be? Hindi ka naman kagandahan." (Rough English translation: "How superficial can you be? You're not even pretty.")

I've already kindly requested Fleur, the blogger behind mommyfleur.blogspot.com, to delete the abovementioned comment from her blog.

I would just like to warn and inform everyone about this "blogger" who is posing as me. I don't know whether (a) he or she is just using my name and blog to cover up his/her identity so that he/she can go on posting negative comments on blogs he/she hate, or (b) he or she hates me and my blog and wants to destroy my reputation. 

Guys, please do know that I NEVER and WILL NEVER leave or post rude, negative or derogatory comments in other people's blogs simply because I respect each and every blogger. So if ever you do receive a nasty comment from me on your respective blogs, please do know that I am not responsible for those comments.

To that person who has been using my name and my blog for the wrong reasons:



  1. That's horrible.

    Who would do such a bitchy thing?


  2. Wow that person has no life whatsoever. Don't worry, there are more people who love your blog and the haters are just jealous because they can't make a life of their own.

    One Love

  3. hala...don't worry kookie, i'm sure other bloggers wouldn't believe nmn that you could say such a thing eh. You've always been very nice, even to newbie bloggers like me, =)
    more power, ^^

  4. Gawd, that's really nasty. Shame on that fellow, really. More power, Kookie!

  5. Ay naku girl, we know who you really are! Ang bait mo kaya! These kind of people, they are just NO ONE that's why they're doing that. It's so sad how desperate can people become.

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. Aww, grabe naman :-( I know you would never do/say such things Kookie! God bless nalang dun sa taong yun :-(

  7. That's really rude of the person. =| I don't think you'd do such a thing either. From the start you've always been nice, Kookie. Hope that person stops.

  8. that's so sad, Kookie. I pray that these people realize that they can do something WAAAAY better and fruitful than do nasty stuff.

  9. oh my, how rude!
    ang boring siguro ng life ng taong yan.
    why whould someone spread such negativity?
    hope it stops.

  10. ay bakit my mga ganon kailangan pa mang gamit .. Bago bago na tayo 2011 na .. I don't really know you much Kookie but i know that you will never do that rude thing .. Happy new year =)

  11. right on girl!!! karma's a bitch and that girl is on top of her list! =D

  12. Scariest poseur kookie! =/ Handa siya sa karma, takot lang niya :P

  13. I'm sure your followers and friends know that you don't talk like that. (: That girl probably thought that by hiding behind the name of a well-respected identity in the blogging community, she would lend some credence to her useless criticism.

  14. OMG... That's horrible!!

    Pero I think naman the people who know you and have met you at least once would know that you wouldn't do such a thing.. You're super nice kaya!!!

    INGGIT LANG YUN.. Malamang..

  15. omg. kaloka! who would hate you? hay nako teh. iba na talaga pag maganda!


  16. That's just horrible! WTH Hope that person stops using yer blog name and posting bad things on other people's blogs-- it's just so stupid.

    sPam of frou-frou

  17. so sad that other people can be sooo mean! we know you Kookie! you're so nice and super humble!

  18. Thank you for us letting know! Dont know why somebody would do that:S


  19. That's really sad! Umeffort pa talaga sha ha! I agree Karma will definitely knock that person down.

  20. Hey guys, thank you for the support and for not thinking that I'm capable of doing such a nasty thing. (Ok, I think my favorite word for the day is "nasty". Hahahaha!). I really appreciate all of your comments and thoughts. :)

  21. Ohmygoodness Kookie! WTF! Why would someone do that?? Don't worry, I believe in karma, so they'll get theirs for sure. Thanks for pointing this out... I wonder if any other bloggers have fallen victim. :/

    xx Love & Aloha

  22. wow- I can't believe this! How low people will go and the free time to think these things up is amazing! Karma is coming for them! Happy New year doll hope this year is great for you! xo -Taj

  23. Geez. Naloka ako dun ah. Don't worry Kookie, those who know you will never mistake you for some rude commenter. Tama ka, karma's a bitch!

    And on the bright side, you're looking fabulous as ever! I love how you're all covered up but still smokin' hot. (:

  24. hahahahahaha!

    can i say jejemon????

    cooks that means you're doing something really good and worthwhile.

    id like to say i know you girl bec i have a good feeling about you the first time we met. am like a dog, i smell good people. and you smell super nice.

    HATERS HATE! no matter how nice we are, haters always hate. don't worry constipated naman ang mga magagalitin palagi.

    thanks girl, spending time with Yllac is the sweetest thing ever. Am a mommy now, can't believe it.

  25. i think this applies, "you have to be prepared for people to hate you, average people love to be average because nobody bothers them" -kelly cutrone

    anyway, your fans know you and that you wouldn't say such things!

    happy new year!

  26. WOW! That's a nasty piece of work. I'm so sorry that this is/was happening to you.Thank you for sharing this experience. Hope it stops.


  27. Some people are just sad and mean... You're making someone really envious out there. >:) Happy New Year!

  28. oooooooooooooooo... that is annoying! anyway, whoever that was will pay... a thousand fold, don't worry!


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