Wings & Swallows

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(Lace Top: bazaar find // Harems: Dark White // Shoes: Aldo // Cascading Cross Earrings: Staal)

The various bazaars sprouting everywhere are a clear sign that Christmas is indeed near. Just last Sunday, I dropped by the St. James Bazaar and left with a lot of amazing items in tow, one of them is this pair of cascading cross earrings from Staal.

I’m also obsessed with so many things right now: animal prints, cover ups, sheer, knits, cross and skulls. I also fancy feathers and birds as manifested in my two new tattoos. I had my old and fugly star covered up with the swallow bird. Props to my artist for doing a great job in putting great details on such a small tat.

I wish everyone is doing well! Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I may not reply to all of your posts but I do read them with much delight. :)

*Photos taken by Leah Carballo.


  1. really love your tat, kookie!:) pretty!

  2. hotness!!! the red lipstick was a great contrast! i love it and the whole outfit! :)

  3. you looking super awesomely gorgeous kooks. From hair, to lips, to shoes, and to the new tattoo.

    and may i say you looking slim these days. It's a healthy look and am just inspired to go back to gym after giving birth. am 25 lbs heavier now, id like to think that it's most because of the baby and water. 10 lbs baby, 10 lbs water and 5 lbs boob milk. hehe.

    happy christmas gorgeous!

  4. i love your new tattoos, Kookie! especially the one of the bird, which is close to what i'd go for if i were to hypothetically get one, haha.

    boat ride through the sky

  5. love the outfit, super gorgeous! LOVE the wings tattoo..:))


  6. i love everything! seriously! you look dashing as usual and looks effortless. i try not to go to bazaars because i know my wallet will die crying out of all the goodies!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. whoa whoa whoaaa... hot tattoos! I absolutely adore the wings <3 :)

  8. so jealous of your angel wings...really caught my eye on your FB profile pic and just had to stare at it..haha! the bird is soo sweet the colors.

    i super love love the back of your chic! they look like angel wings...tihee!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. @ Denise: Hahaha! Natawa ako sa comment mo! On the weight loss topic, I actually don't like the I'm losing weight. I was never a fan of the skinny. I like curves. The only things I hate when I'm gaining though are the flabby arms and belly, but I always say that I can tone those up. :)

  10. great look! love the way you accessorized it! i have a silver medallion just like one of your wings:)

  11. Great look & your ink is superb!

    Jenny @vpv

  12. Awesome tattoos!!! This look is Fierce! Adore the shoes:D

  13. i envy your tatoos! tatoos are great on fair skins like yours! good day!

  14. great tats! i love them both and your earrings :)


  15. amazing!!! so urban and edgy!! loving your wing tattoos!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. hi ms.kookie hope you can follow my blog sometimes . keep rocking like you do .

    xo . ennaid .

  17. I'm impressed by your versability!
    Your so camaleonic, love it!all types of styles fit with you!


  18. HI!

    I L O V E your tattoos

    I have 2 too, one in my wrist & the other one

    in my back, I'm planning to get a new one in my

    forearm. BTW I like your blog, mine is about fashion too but I don't upload photos of me.

    pass by whenever you want :)

  19. Wow, you really have a nice angel wings tat, I admire it so much! And actually, I think I've seen you on Gold Dot with your cross ring! :)


  20. I collect angel wing jewelry so you have no idea how much I'm lusting over that tattoo! I actually just got wrist tattoos a few days ago at the beach, but of words. I've always wanted angel wings but I dunno why I never decided on them. Anyway, you were at the F21 party pala (saw on Tricia's blog)! Too bad we didn't see each other, was there for a bit lang. Hope to see you soon!


  21. Ahhh! I love your wing tattoo! That's what I plan to get if I ever get the courage to have a tattoo! Haha. :))


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