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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top: Q Online / Shorts: Oxygen / Boots: Soule Phenomenon / Necklace: Anagon Collection / Cuff: F21 / Assorted Rings

I had a photo shoot last Monday for a feature in the YStyle section of Philippine Star (a top-circulating local newspaper). I arrived at the shoot wearing a fail-safe black ensemble which consisted of a sheer top and faux leather shorts. I was hoping that my JC Litas would arrive a few weeks earlier but since they were a no-show until yesterday, I decided to borrow the Soule Phenomenon lace up boots from my friend Nicole. I really wanted the look of the "Litas" for my shoes because I know it would totally complete the outfit that I came up with for the feature. Other bloggers that are included in the feature are Lissa Kahayon, Hanna Choa Yu of Little Miss Dress Up, Karl Leuterio and Tin Iglesias. I enjoyed the photo shoot so much because I knew most of the bloggers. We were laughing our hearts out the whole time! Our photos were shot by an amazing young photographer (and also a fellow blogger), Tricia Gosingtian.

The YStyle blogger feature will come out tomorrow, Oct. 29. I'll share more details of the shoot on my next post!


  1. OMG you collaborated with Tricia G.! WHEW IDOL!
    i don't think i can ever pull of a sheer top like that in public. :D looking great!

  2. i super duper love your outfit and your pink lipstick! :) you guys look great! :)

  3. looking great kooks! can't wait for the feature!!! :)

  4. your hair is so long now, Kookie! :D I remember the first time I saw you on Chictopia, you're still sporting the bob :) You look great in this all black ensemble, which is SO YOU! I actually love the Soule Phenomenon boots much more than the real Litas. Probably because the heels are the same color as the shoes. I want them!!! <3

    ps. love the pink lipstick too! :)

  5. you look awesome as always! im loving the sheer and leather.. and the shoes are killer too.. =)

    I Am DollParts

  6. Hi i tagged you in my post, for being one of the bloggers who inspired me the most! Hope you take time to look at it! Thank you! Stay fabulous!
    Here's the link.

  7. @ Kristy: I know, right??? I'm growing my hair until past my boobies! I want the beach hair look! once i get tired of the long mane, i'm going to chop them off to a pixie cut. brutal! haha! Yes, the Soule boots are really nice! and since it's all black, it doesn't look as monstrous as the real Litas.

    @ Eunice: Thanks for tagging me with the Happy Blogger Award. I really appreciate it!

    @ EVERYONE: Thank you, guys!

  8. Stunning!

  9. Girl you are Gorgeous! Adore the photoshoot and your outfit is FIERCE as always:D

  10. beautiful and the shoes with the lovely ladies wearing it....

    congratulations love...


  11. omg!!!!! those shoes are hot hot hot!!! aaaahhhh!!!! i want them!!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. sexy FIERCE!! love the sheer and the leather! so edgy chic ;).
    aw and of course all of you are so gorgeous, can't wait to see the photoshoot pics! :)
    <3, KC.

  13. looking sooooooooooo good kookie! galing ni tricia!!!

  14. i love the leather shorts! <3 great shoes as always and coll accessories too!!! :D


  15. @ Janelle: Hahaha! That was the intention though.

  16. Kookie!! Waaah I'm so happy for you, Congrats on the feature!! Gosh, I'm excited to see it na, post it na!! Sorry it took me forever to blog again. Alam mo naman, malapit na ang Halloween kaya nagpapaka multo nako, corny ko noh haha! :)

    Anyway, go post about the feature na. And sorry for the millionth time about the secret formula on the maxi tie, until now wla pa ding Vlog hahaha!!

    Love your lacy top and leather shorts!! And can I just add, na loka ako sa new shoes on the previous post!! I'm so jealous sa Lita mo!! :)

  17. That's a great outfit! Your shoes are amazing :)


  18. Hi kookie! what liptstick are you using? brand and shade please :-)

  19. You look so great here! I love the lace top with those shorts...and you can't go wrong with Lita-esque shoes! The outtakes from the shoot look AMAZING.

  20. @ Anonymous: I used NARS "Schiap". By the way, who are you? :)


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