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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Top: ASOS / Skirt & Boots: Zara / Bag: Alexander Wang / Eyewear: Karen Walker

Let me start off this post with a sincere apology for my long absence. After Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines with a powerful blow and left most parts of our country in a critical state of calamity, I just couldn't bring myself to blog or instagram about anything fashion or food-related -- they all seemed too trivial against the somber scene of a multitude of Filipinos starving, suffering from unspeakable damage and mourning for their lost loved ones and other possessions. It was best that I took the time off from blogging to grieve, contemplate and re-focus my time and energy on things that mattered most. It has been more than two weeks since the catastrophic Haiyan nightmare transpired but slowly, we've been seeing progress in terms of movement in relief efforts and medical aid for the typhoon survivors. It's heartwarming to see everyone reaching out and lending a helping hand to those who need it and all of the help and love pouring from countries all over the world are truly heartwarming and overwhelming.

I know my previous post was quite heavy to take in so I'm keeping all posts light, moving forward (a.k.a. "I'll try my best to revert to regular blog programming"). This doesn't mean that the aid for the typhoon victims should cease or that we should forget about the victims all at once...but move on, I should. While it may take months, even years, to rebuild lives, homes and other infrastructures destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, I am positive that our country will rebound from this.

You can still continue donating through the channels indicated HERE and HERE.



  1. totes felt the same way, Kooks. couldn't bring myself to blog about anything gratuitous for the past week or so... ngayon lang ako ngbalik mag outfit post din. hahaha.

    miss you and ill see you in BU6! great look btw--


    1. I don't know how the others were able to do it - I mean, continue blogging despite everything that was happening. I'm not judging them. I lost my "gana/mojo" kasi during the height of the Yolanda disaster. Didn't care much for looking at other fashion blogs or anything related with it.

  2. wow! what an amazing blog you have!<3 If we could follow eachother on GFC, that would mean a world to me:) Thank you so much for a such an inspirational blog!<3 xx peach


  3. Amazing outfit! Your sweater looks awesome. I'm obsessed with your Karen Walker sunnies and your shoes!


  4. Very respectful of you to not be blogging during these heavy times! I hope the Phillipines will be alright again.
    I love this comeback outfit, with the pops of colours.

    xoxo Iris

  5. i miss your posts Ms Kookie. Though, i understand why you took a short break from blogging.. I'm really glad you're back and i appreciate your concern about our kababayans..

    czarina :)

  6. Love the boots so much! :) Me too I was on a blogger hiatus for almost three weeks after the super typhoon Yolanda.


    Ericka of http://behappyblue.blogspot.com

  7. The prints on the jumper are simply gorgeous.


  8. Hey there, i was googling pashli reviews and happened to chance upon your blog. May I ask how tall you are? As an Asian I'm not sure if the largest pashli would be overwhelming since I'm not too tall myself.

  9. I love the place! nice look :)

    Xxx Cécile

  10. It has been so sad seeing the devastation. I completely understand why you took the time off. And I'm glad that things are progressing through aid. :) And I'm also glad you're back! I love the colors in that sweater and those Zara boots are so cool. Love this look! <3



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