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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jeans: Wrangler / Jacket: F21 / Tank Top: Daley Tees / Bag: Alexander Wang / Shoes: CMG Philippines / Necklaces: F21

I mentioned in a post before that I'm currently obsessed with boyfriend jeans. While I'm already satisfied with the pair of boyfriend jeans that I have now, I can't stop myself from surveying varied clothing stores for more pairs. One fine afternoon while I was browsing through the jeans selection from the Wrangler branch in Glorietta, I had a sudden "Eureka" moment. I figured that I might just be able convert a pair of skinny jeans into boyfriend ones if the dimensions were right -- they should be baggy and big enough to sit low on the hips and the bottom should be tapered. And so I picked out these dark-washed skinny Wrangler jeans in the largest size and there it was...a new pair of boyfriend jeans! I took my new jeans out on a lovely weekend and paired it with my favorite white (faux) leather jacket and this chic pair of teal pumps from CMG.

I'm happy that my experiment worked and I suggest that you guys try it too!

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  1. the boyfriend jeans experiment was a success!! LOVE how it fit!! Perfect with your white leather jacket and shirt!!! tres Chic Ms.Kookie!

    paint it stripes

  2. I really like this look- great jacket!


  3. Those jeans looks ooo cool on you!
    Glad I've found your blog,but had hard time following you,since I couldn't find the Bloglovin' badge:-S You gotta put it here babe,sooo many people wanna follow you;-)

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Borjana! I adore your style!

  4. I really love your style! <3

  5. Easy to go and still so stylish! You roxk! Love that touch of color and the chunky necklaces!


    Julia from

  6. love love the bag and those pumps!! great pop of color! :D

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  7. Looking at these pictures makes my heart melt like ice cream. I mean, any clothes that you wear, may it be simple or extravagant, looks so amazing! Androgynous look never fails those boyfriend jeans are so cool and you make it extra cool! ♥

  8. That's such a great idea! I've looked into that before when buying jeans and I can never find skinny ones that are tapered enough and sit low on the hips. But you made these Wrangler skinnies totally work as boyfriends! Love your leather jacket too! <3


  9. OMG I want this! Love this BF sexy look thingie! :)
    Oh btw, thanks for following me back sa GFC Ms. Kookie! I just saw it last week yata hehe? can"t recall if i thanked you na hehe> syempre special yun, si Ms. Kookie ba naman magfollow sayo? Wahahah!

    I will join this giveaway too! Yay! I love giveaways! Dami ko nang najoinan :p

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  10. Those blue pumps are adorable! :)
    also I really like your pixie haircut, it's really edgy :)

  11. Stunning in white.


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