Get My Peacock On

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dress: ZOO / Boots: Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony / Eyewear: Karen Walker / Earrings & Ring: Leviathan / Clutch: SM Accessories

 When I grew a belly and a half (with love flaps on the side), I've lost all desire to garb myself in body conscious dresses. It's just so taxing to be conscious of your (un-toned) body all the time when you're wearing a bodycon piece (duh). But as maturity (and age) kicked in, I've come to accept my body for what it is. So, to hell with being self-conscious! I'ma wear body-skimming clothes without giving a damn if my bulges decide to appear when I bend, slouch or sit. Okay, maybe I do slightly give a damn...but the point is, wear whatever it is you want to wear as long as you feel good in it. And hell yeah, I feel good in this bodycon dress. Come on, it has shoulder cut-outs and a peacock feather print! What's not to love, right? But if you're still feeling a bit too conscious to put on a tight dress, just follow this simple trick: wrap a jacket or long sleeved shirt around your waist. While the boyfriend polo I'm wearing here is part of the whole semi-grunge look, it was a strategic choice as well to conceal le tummy. Hahaha!

You can still get this Nahua peacock feather print dress from
You can also find ZOO at The Ramp, Shangrila Mall.


  1. Awww Ms.Kookie! Kaka-inspire! :) Yeah always be confident! Love your looks!Always! :)


  2. So, to hell with being self-conscious! -- This is one of the many reasons why I stalk your blog. :)

    1. Aww, so glad to here that! Thank you, Psyche!

  3. We have the same dress, minus the sleeves. <3 So excited to wear it for Steve Aoki's gig. I love bodycon dresses. :D

    xx Diana

  4. wonderful cutouts!


  5. You've got the right attitude, i couldn't agree more. And one word for this look: STUNNING.
    <3 Love the jewelry!!

  6. amazing look!! love your shoes!

  7. When I grow up, I want to be like Kookie B!!! <3

  8. i love those sunglasses where did you get them?
    life style places in New York City
    follow Mili Coon !


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