Caped Crusader

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dress & Claw Bracelet: Oasap// Bag: Alexander Wang 'Emile' (buy here)// Boots: Jeffrey Campbell// Earrings: Forever 21

Fret not, my friends. I am not wearing a mullet dress (I, too, am sick of seeing all things mullet everywhere!). This is just a simple dress with a sheer strip of cloth for a cape (fortunately and unfortunately, the cape is not detachable). I chose this dress from the hundreds of dress options in OASAP specifically for the cape design -- makes me feel like a caped crusader ready to save the world. Wish I were a superhero in real life though. A lot of our countrymen in the Philippines are in dire need of help after being savaged by the torrential monsoon rains (see photos HERE).

To my international readers, if you wish to help in your own little way, you can donate cash through the Philippine Red Cross. To my fellow Filipinos, let's help by donating goods such as the following:

Kapit-kamay tayong lahat. The Filipino spirit is waterproof. I'm sure we will all rise above these trying times.


  1. Really love those shoes, Kookie. You got the most enviable shoe closet talaga. Also, I hope you're all safe. We're sending help and love all the way down from the South. <3

  2. awesome shoes!

  3. Whoa those are some killer wedges! And i want that cape dress, so cool. The hat just completes the whole look perfectly <3

  4. such an awesome outfit Ms.Kookie!


  5. I love your outfit yet again! :) Caped crusader, save the world! :)
    I support! #RescuePH and #ReliefPH! :)


    1. Maraming salamat, Chai! Hope nothing bad happened to you and your family with the baha and all.

  6. wonderful look!


  7. nice dress, Kookie :) Perfect for the weather!


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